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D8.3 Third synthesis of CO2 and CH4 observation-based emission estimates

Glen P. Peters, A. M. Roxana Petrescu, Robbie M. Andrew, Kjetil Aas, Gregoire Broquet, Dominik Brunner, Ragnhild Børke, Frédéric Chevallier, Hugo Denier van der Gon, Audrey Fortems-Cheiney, Matthew McGrath, Arjo Segers, Espen Sollum, Aki Tsuruta, Richard

This third and final version of this deliverable. The first version was in December 2021, the second version January 2023, and this final version December 2023. In this version, the section on net land CO2 fluxes has been rewritten, the section on CH4 has had extensive updates, and the section on fossil CO2 emissions has been updated and revised with the latest data available.
The aim of the deliverable is to identify, quantify and explain divergences between global inventories, atmospheric inversions, process models, and national inventories submitted to the UNFCCC. We present consistent comparisons of CO2 and CH4 emission estimates for various countries to highlight interesting and relevant aspects. We cover fossil CO2 emissions, net land CO2 fluxes, and anthropogenic CH4 emissions. Most of the data products are from the VERIFY project, with a gradual inclusion of CoCO2 products as the project evolves, and some independent datasets.