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To enable the European Union (EU) to move towards a low-carbon economy and implement its commitments under the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal, ambitious targets to cut emissions in the EU have been set.

To independently assess the progress of countries towards their targets, an objective way to monitor anthropogenic CO2 emissions and their evolution over time is needed. Such a capacity would deliver consistent and reliable information to support informed policy- and decision-making processes, both at national and European level. To maintain independence in this domain, the European Commission proposed to establish an observation-based operational anthropogenic CO2 emissions Monitoring and Verification Support capacity (CO2MVS) as part of its Copernicus programme.


Prototype system for a Copernicus CO2 emission monitoring service

The CoCO2  project will contribute to the development of the European CO2MVS capacity. CoCO2 will deliver the prototype systems  at the required spatial scales that will form part of the overall implementation in the Copernicus programme. The prototypes will link to as much of the already existing Copernicus infrastructure as possible, and  ensure all necessary components needed for the attribution of CO2 emissions are designed and developed:

  • Earth system models, 
  • Data assimilation techniques, 
  • Prior emission estimation, 
  • Optimizing the use of satellite and in-situ observations,
  • Evaluation & quality control,
  • Interface to users.

The CoCO2 project is a continuation of the CO2 Human Emissions (CHE) project, and  will continue some of the work initiated in the Verifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions (VERIFY) project. 



The CoCO2 project will build the prototype systems for a European Monitoring and Verification Support capacity for anthropogenic CO2 emissions by bringing together expertise, existing capacities and innovative ideas from European and international players.

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The CoCO2 project will deliver the prototype systems for a new European anthropogenic CO2 emissions monitoring and verification support capacity that can be implemented within the Copernicus programme as one of its service elements.

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CoCO2 will use a multitude of existing tools and data sets using the heritage of the CHE and VERIFY projects. These will be further developed as part of the overall methodology to meet the specified requirements for the overall CO2MVS capacity.

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The CoCo2 project consortium comprises 25 partners from fourteen European countries. Through ECMWF, the reach is extended beyond these countries due to the member and cooperating states of this international organisation.

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The CoCo2 project staff comprises experts from 25 partners from fourteen European countries. See who does what in CoCO2!

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