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D8.6 A Catalogue of published studies on hotspot detection of emissions for CO2 and CH4

A. M. Roxana Petrescu, Laurent Chmiel, Emmanuel Salmon, Richard Engelen

This deliverable is presented as an interactive map. It includes a collection of published studies on satellite identification of hot-spot emissions as an online repository based on a literature review exercise and has an informational purpose to users with different backgrounds as a preparation for the next CO2M mission. In the context of the user engagement (WP8), we gathered this information to provide future CO2M users with current state-of-the-art information on research being already done in the field of the detection and quantification of hot-spots emissions by satellites. After consulting with different scientists (e.g. SRON, The Netherlands), we received a positive feedback and heard that it is seen as an useful tool and a good example of literature review which could be even essential for acquiring funding.

“A catalogue of published studies on the remote sensing of hotspot emissions of CO2 and CH4” it is presented as an interactive map, ( embedded into the CoCO2 project website (under development: