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D9.6 Mid-Term Dissemination and Exploitation Report 1

Daniel Thiemert

To ensure that the CoCO2 project remains visible and results are taken up by the wider community, dissemination and exploitation activities play a major role.
D9.6 provides an update of the activities performed by the project partners within the first 12 months of the project, and reviews both dissemination and exploitation plans.
To-date, 3 journal papers have been published; CoCO2 researchers presented their work in t14 times in conferences and 22 times in workshops; and participated in one event organised by other H2020 projects. Two workshops were organised by the project.
Exploitation activities remain focused on improving the various scientific elements produced within the CoCO2 project, with the ultimate aim being to establish an anthropogenic CO2 monitoring capacity within the Copernicus framework.