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The CoCO2 project will build the prototype systems for a European Monitoring and Verification Support capacity for anthropogenic CO2 emissions (CO2MVS) by bringing together expertise, existing capacities and innovative ideas from a wide range of European and international players. A mature and credible monitoring system for anthropogenic CO2 emissions requires the integration of all available information streams, which is a complex undertaking and requires careful consideration of all components and interfaces. 

From 2021 to 2023 CoCO2 will work towards the following key objectives:

  1. Deliver prototype anthropogenic CO2 emission estimation systems at global, regional and local scales;
  2. Engage with user communities to co-design a service portfolio that ensures fitness-for-purpose of the prototype systems;
  3. Develop methodologies to assess the propagation of uncertainties within the system as well as of the outputs resulting in an Evaluation and Quality Control framework;
  4. Provide first inputs to the global stocktake process in time for the first global stocktake in 2023;
  5. Provide recommendations for the operational implementation of the CO2MVS within the Copernicus programme.