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D9.4 Media and Communication Plan

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D9.4 Media and Communication Plan

Daniel Thiemert (ECMWF)

D9.4 Media and Communication Plan provides the baseline for outreach and media work for the CoCO2 project.

Communication activities will be developed and implemented across the life of the project, to support it, facilitate interaction and disseminate its milestones and deliverables. It is expected that project partners support the communication activities to ensure the maximum visibility within the various communities. The various annexes of this document will be updated during the lifetime of the project.

This Plan offers an overview of how and when Communications activities will help and support CoCO2 in meeting its objectives. 

The plan contains:

  • The Media and Communication strategy including Objectives, Audience Mapping, and Script;
  • Templates for Deliverables, Reports and Presentations;

This document has to be seen as a living document which will need to be responsive to the developments within the CoCO2 project and outside.