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D4.5 Perspectives on the use of atmospheric transport models for local scale inversions

Joffrey Dumont Le Brazidec, Pierre Vanderbecken, Alban Farchi, Marc Bocquet (ENPC) Thomas Kaminski (iLab), Peter Rayner (iLab), Michael Voßbeck (iLab), Wolfgang Knorr (iLab), Sander Houweling (VUA) Gregoire Broquet (CEA), Michał Gałkowski (AGH), Tia Scarp

This deliverable documents the development of atmospheric inversion approaches at the local scale
relying on high-resolution transport models for the quantification of city and industrial plant CO2
emissions based on spaceborne images of their XCO2 plumes, and potentially of images of pollutants
like CO and NO2. The