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D4.6 Inter-comparisons of national scale inversions

Julia Marshall and Friedemann Reum (DLR), Gregoire Broquet, Elise Potier, Antoine Berchet and Audrey Fortems- Cheiney (CEA), Erik Koene and Dominik Brunner (EMPA), Sander Houweling and Eleftherios Ioannidis (VUA), Arjo Segers (TNO), Andrea Kaiser-Weiss, A

This deliverable documents the development and application of 11 national-scale CO2- and/or CH4-focused inversion systems targeting the emissions of European countries and the USA, carried out within Task 4.4 of the CoCO2 project. The aim of this inverse modelling effort was to document the current strategies and capabilities to separately control the anthropogenic emissions and biospheric fluxes of CO2 (and, to a lesser extent, CH4) with relatively high-resolution inversion systems. It also aimed to provide support and guidance for the design of national operational systems and the regional-scale setup of the multi-scale inversion system for the CO2MVS. The work in this task led to improvements of current inversion systems and to the development of new regional inversion capabilities. In particular, the focus on the separate control of the CO2 anthropogenic emissions was a major innovation, which is important to advance the potential of the regional inverse modelling of CO2 in Europe.