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Deutscher Wetterdienst

About the Organisation

The Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) is responsible for meeting the meteorological requirements arising from all areas of economy and society in Germany. Our duties result from the legal mandate to inform and undertake research. As part of its Climate & Environment activities, the Deutscher Wetterdienst carries out a comprehensive diagnosis of the climate system. In times of global climate change, climate monitoring, the documentation of its results and the prediction of the impacts of climate change have become essential. The findings of this work form the basis for political and business decision-making, contribute to improving preparedness for disasters related to weather and climate and help to provide sustainable support for disaster control.

Role in CoCO2

In WP4 Local and regional modelling and data assimilation, DWD is to research how a high-quality national greenhouse gas emission verification can be established in the operational environment of a weather service to serve the national information needs of the society and governmental agencies. Together with MPI-BGC Jena, DWD provides the link to the German national research initiative on emission verification (ITMS).